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Padi scuba is on offer for all levels at the beach club


Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

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Diving in Kefalonia is magical, with crystal clear water and visibility of up to 40m you can glide through the warm waters and discover a range of flora and fauna. There are also several human archaeological and historical souvenirs, from ship wrecks and potteries to the remains of a Bristol Beaufighter from World War II.

Kefalonia is known for its tectonic movements. The surroundings experience constant geological changes, which give rise to interesting caves, tunnels, cliffs and arches.

A full selection of PADI courses is available. With more than 25 different dive sites for scuba diving, there are daily boat dives to nearby islands to visit walls, canyons, caves, wrecks, and reefs. Each site is unique in terms of flora and fauna.

Snorkelling trips are also available upon request or just head out at the clubs, the water is clear and there is lots to see!

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Requirements and who?

Diving and snorkelling is should be confident in water and able to listen to instruction


Who with:

We work with two great dive companies in Kefalonia.

Aquatic Scuba diving – In Agia Efimia

Fiskardo eco Dives –  In Fiskardo


Discover Scuba Diving

This course is divided into three stages:

Firstly you will start with a briefing which explains the equipment; how it works, effects of pressure underwater, signals you need to communicate, rules on safety, and the diving skills you will practice before putting them into effect during the dive.

Secondly, you will start the dive in shallow water to give you time to familiarise yourself with the equipment and practise the diving skills you will be using.

Finally, when you feel comfortable and the diving skills are done, we’ll take you for a little exploration in a sheltered bay. Now, this is the fun part, you won’t forget this new experience of breathing underwater! Discover this fantastic new world at a depth where you feel confident and comfortable. You will constantly have an instructor by your side in order to make sure that your first experience in open water is safe, relaxed and fun.

Minimum age: 10 years old

Maximum depth: 10 metres

Trip duration: 3 hours (ish dependant on conditions and company)

Scuba diving

Beginners – Child

Bubble maker – A 45-minute programme designed to introduce children aged 8 years and above to the fun of scuba diving in a safe and controlled environment. This cuts out the theory and allows children to immediately enjoy shallow water dives.

Minimum age: 8 years old

Maximum depth: 2 metres

Trip duration: 1 hour

diving in kefalonia with Trek Adventures

Certified Divers  

Qualified divers – Bring along log book and  qualification card and you can explore  caves, wrecks and reefs.

Average Prices: 50 E single dive or 80 E double dive (prices to be confirmed with each company)


PADI open water (4-5 days)

Dive with a buddy independent of supervision

Plan, conduct and log open water no decompression dives (max depth 18M)

This is the first diving level that allows you to obtain air fills, scuba equipment and other services.

You will be able to dive anywhere else in the world

Continue your dive training with the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

Cost:430 Euros (includes educational material, logbook, certification fees, equipment rental and boat trip)

Turtle in Kefalonia

To Book:

See the kefalonian loggerhead turtles around the island too! To book either get in touch with either company, email us or you can ask reception whilst out in Greece!


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