Car Hire for your holiday

There’s a lot to keep you occupied on a Trek Adventures Beach Club holiday, with sailing, windsurfing and much more. Many of our guests do like to get out and explore the island.

If it’s just for trips into Lixouri or Argostoli (via ferry), then you can rent bikes or take a taxi. For journeys further afield, renting a car is definitely the best option. It’s a really good idea for a Tuesday changeover day if you’re staying two weeks with us.

Where to Rent?

Car rental is easy to do in Kefalonia. There are plenty of rental companies around the island including some of the well-known ‘big brands’ available at the airport.

Our preferred rental company is Mercury Car Hire. Click here see their website. They have a base at the airport as well as in Lixouri, which is close to Lixouri Bay Beach Club, Paliki Beach Club and our Learn To Sail marina.

Their fleet of vehicles is well maintained and they offer competitive prices.

Mercury Car Hire

If they have the staff available, they are happy to drop off or collect your vehicle. This is really useful is you are just doing a 1 or 2 day rental whilst staying at our beach clubs.


There are so many places to explore around the island. It is full of beauty and history so there is something different going on in every corner! Check out our handy guide for some sightseeing ideas. Click here for more info.

Kefalonia Rules of the Road

Goats in Kefalonia


We know it’s obvious, but don’t forget that they drive on the right in Greece!

You probably won’t get caught out when you leave the airport, however, when you pull over to admire the view somewhere, you might find yourself on autopilot as you pull back out on the wrong side of the road… It’s easily done!

Kefalonia's dramatic West Coast

Other Things

You definitely want to have a sat nav handy – The road signs are all in Greek, so finding your way around can become difficult, particularly at night.

If you’re travelling from Lixouri between and Argostoli, we recommend catching the ferry. It costs €4 and is far nicer than driving around the Gulf of Argostoli (Please note the ferry is not available 10pm – 8am).


For another option for exploring the island, why not charter our day yacht?