Inclusive TUITION

Teaching sailing on the water

Enjoy our inclusive instruction and dinghy / windsurf tuition clinics on holiday at Lixouri bay Beach Club and at Paliki Beach Club.

Join our fabulous instructors during your sailing holiday to learn new sports, strengthen your skills or nail that trick you have always wanted to do!

Both of our clubs in Kefalonia operate exclusive sailing areas for our guests, and with no neighbours, it never gets too busy on the water.

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Safety Brief

At the beginning of the week we start with a safety brief. This will be specific to Lixouri and Paliki club. Our Beach senior will outline how to stay safe and have fun on the water, whether you are paddleboarding, kayaking, sailing and windsurfing. When you are learning to sail or windsurf, you may end up in the drink. The instructors will show you how to recover kit and right capsized dinghies, so you are fully prepared if you happen to topple over.

Trek Adventures Windsurfing Teaching Clinc

Beginner clinic

Having completed the briefing you will be able to learn the basics of how to dinghy sail or windsurf. These sessions are perfect for anyone who has never sat in a boat or stood on a board before. They are also great for anyone who sailed/windsurfed before, but needs a refresher or would like to reacquaint themselves with sailing with our fabulous instructors.

Teaching Sailing using a beach simulator

Daily Clinics

We have inclusive clinics running throughout the week at both clubs in Kefalonia. We cover topics such as Catamaran trapeze clinics, Windsurf harness sessions, Beach-Start clinics, Gybing, Spinnakers …. anything that floats your boat really! During your sailing holiday, if you are looking to improve any skill, our RYA qualified instructors are always on hand to give you all the support you need.

Safety is our first priority on the water

Free Sailing

Keen for some sailing or just want to cruise around on the water? Head down to the beach and chat to one our friendly beach team. They’ll sort you out with a dinghy and get you out on the water. Whenever the beach is open, our safety boats are always on the water. They are also there to give you hints and tips to help improve your technique. If you have any problems when you’re out on the water, just give them a big wave and they’ll come to your assistance.

Trek Adventure guest out sailing

Non-Inclusive Private Tuition

Our instructors will get to know your goals and plan sessions to suit your progression on and off the water. Private tuition is NOT included in the sailing holiday beach club package price. It is charged by the hour with a maximum group size of 3 students to 1 instructor (£25 per person). To book tuition, please speak to your club manager or senior instructor on the beach when you are out in Kefalonia. Private tuition CANNOT be booked in advance of your holiday. Availability is dependent on day to day beach operations.

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