We offer 100% financial protection

International Passenger Protection

We offer 100% financial protection for all our holidays. We provide security for passengers’ holiday payments prior to and up to the completion of the holiday in the event of the financial failure of the organiser.

Trek-Adventures Financial Cover

Trek Adventures work with International Passenger Protection Limited who have negotiated an exclusive contract with major international insurers, together with re-insurers, whose combined assets exceed £100 billion, to provide cover to comply with the new legislation. To read more information about International Passenger Protection, please click here.


We don’t supply flights / transfers in any of our holidays as there are now so many options for our guests to use and book independently, and if gives you more flexibility.

Consequently we DO NOT require ATOL cover. We do however suggest that you only book your flights with an ATOL provider in case of their failure and ensure you have adequate travel insurance in place.