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Not only is Kefalonia a great place for a sailing holiday. The island offers some great places to go for a cycle.

It’s a brilliant alternative if you want some time off the water and with child bikes available, it’s fun for all the family!

Bikes rental can be booked through our local partner at Rent-a-bike Kefalonia.

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Early mornings and late afternoons are the best time to enjoy a ride, so you avoid the midday sun. There are various routes around Kefalonia which allow you to enjoy the stunning and rugged scenery that the island has to offer.

Kefalonia offers a mixture of route abilities from easy cycle rides to the local town of Lixouri to tough climbs that will challenge the more experienced cyclist.

Two people ride in Greece

Bike rental is booked with our partners at Rent-a-bike Kefalonia. We are able to offer a range of different bikes. This includes racing bikes and off-road bikes as well all round tourers and bikes for the kids too.

New for 2019, we are also delighted to be able to offer e-bikes. With the added electric motor, you don’t have to peddle as hard to get where you want to go!

What bikes are available

Bike 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days 6 Days 7 Days
Cube Touring Hybrid N/A €80 €110 €135 €160 €185 €210
Ehline/Devron Superior N/A €30 €45 €60 €75 €90 €100
Road/Race Bikes
Cube Attain SL Race Bike €20 €40 €60 €80 €95 €110 €120
Cube Attain GTC PRO Full Carbon €40 €80 €110 €140 €165 €190 €215
Cube Peloton Pro €14 €28 €42 €52 €65 €78 €91
All Terrain Bikes
Ideal Megisto €10 €20 €30 €36 €45 €54 €63
KTM Manhattan €10 €20 €30 €36 €45 €54 €63
Ideal Nergetic €8 €16 €24 €28 €35 €42 €49
City Bikes
City Trekking Bike €7 €14 €21 €24 €30 €36 €42
Folding Bike €7 €14 €21 €24 €30 €36 €42
Other Bikes
Mountain Bikes €12 €22 €33 €40 €50 €58 €68
Childrens Bikes €8 €16 €24 €28 €35 €42 €49

Where to go Riding

Looking for an easy cycle route? You can take a gentle ride into Lixouri from our Paliki Beach Club. In Lixouri you can explore the town or alternatively you can take your bike onto the passenger ferry to Argostoli and explore the town.


For an intermediate ride, you can head for Petani Beach located on the west coast of Kefalonia. From both beach clubs, head north. There is a level start before a 200m climb midway through the route. This is a steady climb followed by a shorter, windy descent down to the beautiful Petani Beach. You can enjoy a drink or meal and maybe even a cool off in the sea, before gearing for the climb back up from the beach.

(Total distance one way: From Paliki Beach Club: 14.5km. From Lixouri Bay Beach Club : 10.5km) 

Active Beach Holiday Cycling


For the advanced cyclists, you can take a circular cycle around the Gulf of Argostoli. From either beach club head north along the Epar. Od. Argostoliou. This takes you around the north of the Gulf offering stunning views after a steep climb up from the seashore. There is then a long downhill descent to Argostoli. Here you can drop off your bikes back at the hire shop and then catch the ferry back to Lixouri. If you are staying at Lixouri Bay Beach Club, you might want to take your bike on the ferry and cycle back to the resort. This route is a round trip so you can do the reverse as an alternative option.

(Total distance: From Paliki Beach Club: 34km, from Lixouri Bay Beach Club: 27.7 (ferry to beach club: 5km))

a Classic mountain climb and descent

For the mountain-stage fanatics amongst you, grab your bike and head up the incredible Ionian mountain – Mt Ainos. Set in the middle of a national park, the route to 1,680 metres is a classic climb with stunning views of the island and across the Ionian sea to neighbouring Islands. Catch the ferry to Argostoli (bike collection from the ferry dock can be prearranged). Head east along the road. The roads are good quality all the way to the top.

Total Distance: ~28km one way to the top of Mt. Ainos from Argostoli ferry dock.

Bike at the top of Mt. Ainos in Greece

Booking Your Bike rental

Rent-a-bike Kefalonia operate out of Argostoli which is on the opposite side of the inlet to both our Lixouri Bay Beach Club and Paliki Beach Club. For those looking to explore the east side of Kefalonia, we recommend heading to Lixouri. From there, catch the ferry over to Argostoli and the hire shop will meet you at the ferry dock at your preferred time with your bike.

The hire shop are happy to arrange for your bikes to be delivered and collected to/from your beach club for a one off fee of €40 Euros. This is the most convenient option if you are looking to set out from your beach club.Renta a Bike Kefalonia Logo


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