Catamaran Sailing

Catamaran sailing

If you love speed catamaran and would like to experience an exciting trip on the water Catamarans are the way forward. We have Catamarans available for you to take

out if you are experienced or would like to learn at both of our Beach Clubs. They can make for a super fast ride

or a great sunbathing platform in lighter winds!


Free Sailing and Cat Blasts

If you already have the sailing bug, can sail a Dinghy and understand our safety briefing, you don’t need to have a lesson. Head out onto the water whenever you like….

Just head over to the beach, let the friendly instructors know, choose your cat and have a great time on the water. Our safety team are always around to give you a hand or any helpful tips. We also run blasts on the windier days so that you can hold on to your hats whilst one of our awesome instructors sails you around the bay.


Catamaran sailing


As part of our package we offer small group tuition where our instructors really get to know you, and help you achieve your goals through your stay.

Our clinics or Intermediate sessions can cover sailing Catamarans. Our instructors will take you through the basic parts of the boat, basic helming turning about and most importantly how to ‘fly’ the boat on one hull. (don’t worry you will learn what all this jibber jabber means!)

catamaran sail


If you have been sailing before and can sail around a triangular course, tacking and gybing, this is for you! We can get your confidence up with sailing comfortably in moderate winds and learning intermediate techniques that will improve your sailing.

Depending on the conditions, in these sessions we will go through parts of the dinghy, improvements on sailing and the best ways to get flying on one hull effectively around a course.


rigging cat


If you are an experienced Dinghy sailor and can sail comfortably in solo, this is for you!

With our range of dinghy’s, we offer specific advanced clinics. This can be playing with trapezing or learning to mono hull on a catamaran. We will work with what the wind has to offer when planning sessions, but if there is anything you would like to work on, let us know!

sailing holiday

Private Tuition

No matter what your ability, by far the best way to have a great, personable learning experience is private tuition.  Our instructors will take time getting to know your goals and plan sessions to suit your progression on and off the water. Let us know if there is anything specific we can help with.

sailing a catamaran


Everyone loves a race, and everyone can get involved in our fun races. We hold the infamous sailing Regatta at Lixouri and Paliki at the end of the week using handy caps. You can sign up with your desired dinghy and race around the entire sailing area – Great fun! We will give you a briefing and let you know the results…..



Our dinghies

We pride ourselves on having great kit that is updated. Across our two beach clubs we have two types of Catamaran. Here are some of our current dinghies we have in resort.

3x RSCAT16 (Lixouri Bay Beach Club)

3x Topaz 14 (Paliki Beach Club)

beach club - lixouriWhich beach club for sailing Catamarans?

Both beach clubs are great for sailing ‘cats’, with no other users we have a great open water area for you to enjoy. Our cross-shore breeze allows you to easily launch and land off the sandy beach at Lixouri or out of the lane at Paliki. Our sailing area is situated in an inlet bay of Kefalonia; meaning our sailing area is safe and complete with beautiful scenery. Lixouri bay beach club is a shallow shelving beach with an open sailing area that is perfect for beginners and flat water sailing. Paliki Beach club can be slightly more gnarly and have some fun chop to play with in stronger winds.

Fancy a second week?….Try a yachting with our Learn to Sail holidays!