Paddle Boarding Holidays in Greece

Stand Up Paddle Boarding or ‘supping’ is still the worlds fastest growing sport. It’s been on the water sports scene for a little over 10 years and is a fantastic way to get out on the water. It can also be a great way to keep fit and active. Some of the Trek Adventures HQ team get out paddle boarding regularly to keep fit. On the other hand, heading out for a chilled afternoon paddle with friends or family is also a really nice option too. Whichever you prefer, it’s a great option for getting out on the water on an Active Beach Holiday.

About Red Paddle Co

At Trek Adventures we only use Red Paddle Co paddle boards. Started by John Hibbard in 2008, Red Paddle Co is based a couple of miles up the road from Trek Adventures HQ in sunny South Devon. From the beginning, John and his team have set out to make top quality kit. Their boards are the best on the market and we are proud to offer them to guests on our Active Beach Holidays and Flotilla Holidays.

Red Paddle Co and Trek Adventures

Red Paddle Co kit is well constructed using the latest materials and manufacturing techniques. Their key focus is on high standards and quality control. The boards are extremely durable and resilient, which is why we love them. Their latest 10’6 Ride (their allrounder paddle board) is great to paddle on the water, particularly for beginners. Off the water, it’s relatively lightweight for its size, so super easy to handle and carry. The other brilliant thing about the boards is that they’re inflatable. Each board can be rolled up and fits into a large wheeled suitcase. The pump and 3 piece paddle slot in too. Though they’re inflatable, they feel just like a hardboard when pumped to full pressure.

Paddling at Paliki and Lixouri

SUP Excursion Active Beach Holiday

At both our Paliki Beach Club and Lixouri Bay Beach Club we have Red Paddle Co SUPs and Windsup boards available for our guests to take out. On your Active Beach Holiday, anytime you fancy going for a paddle just head down the beach and have a chat with one of our lovely instructors. They’ll get you set up with a paddle and board and get you launched on the water. If you’ve never supped before, don’t worry, it’s a pretty easy sport to get to grips with. Our instructors can give you some useful pointers to get you started. After a bit of time paddling around, you’ll hopefully have mastered the basics. If you fall in, the water’s pretty warm.

Sup Greek Active Holiday


Paddle boarding can offer a gentle and relaxing option for getting out on the water. At Lixouri Bay Beach Club, enjoy a fun paddle with your family, meandering around the sailing area, or set course for a beach along the coastline and enjoy the views as you paddle along. All ages can take part, however children under 10 might struggle to paddle the boards by themselves. The best place for them is to be sat on the front of the board with mum or dad paddling. The little ones can have lots of fun jumping off into the water for a swim.

SUP Workouts & SUP Excursions

SUP Workout Active Beach Holiday

Paddle boarding can also offer a great workout which can help with improving your core strength and stamina. On an Active Beach Holiday, it’s great to get out on the water first thing in the morning for a dynamic workout before the day gets too hot. You can combine a mixture of sprint paddling and turns with static exercises like press up and squats. Then finish off your workout with a swim in the sea to cool off.

SUP Excusion Active Beach Holiday

At Paliki Beach Club we also offer a weekly sup excursion. Head out with our instructors for a morning paddle, heading south to the beautiful Lepeda Beach. It’s not too far along the coast from the beach club, so the excursion is suitable for any ability. At Lepeda you can enjoy a refreshing ice cold frappe at the cafe. Then sit and chill out on the beach and maybe have a swim before heading for home. As this is not a lesson, it helps to have the basics mastered. Taking a board out the day before will allow you to get the basics mastered.

SUP on Flotilla in 2019

If you’re joining us for a flotilla holiday this year, sups are now available to rent as part of your week with us. When you book your holiday (or anytime prior to departure), you can select to have a paddle board on board your yacht for £75 per week. Having moored up for the day, put the board on the water and explore your new surroundings. It could be a quiet secluded bay or a little Greek harbour. Either will be lovely to paddle around


XL Paddle Board

Along with our fleet of Red Paddle Co Rides and Windsups, we also have our Red Paddle Co XL boards. Each board is a whopping 17 foot long by 5 foot wide (that’s bigger than most people’s cars!) and can take up to 10 paddlers. Available at both our Lixouri Bay Beach Club and Paliki Beach Club, grab a group of mates and hit the water for some fun and a laugh. Paddling this giant takes a little getting used to, even for experienced paddlers. Once you have it sussed, you can cruise the sailing area, or head for a beach along the coastline. With 6 paddlers all paddling in sync, the XL can really start to get a shift on.

Trek Adventures XL Sup

Blog photo credits: Red Paddle Co, Alice Callow (our awesome Op’s manager), Kai Hall

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