Meet the 2018 Trek Adventures Sailing Team

This summer we have a an incredible team ready to welcome you to Kefalonia. All of us love being out on the water and can’t wait to catch you out here!


Shirley, Kai and Matt

Shirley is our fabulous Yacht Supervisor based in Lixouri. She happens to be the most hard working and dedicated lady we know. With plenty of experience and the ability to make anyone belly laugh! She can do anything from fixing a yacht to sailing in high winds with complete control. We absolutely love her and are VERY lucky to have her on board (literally)

Kai is part of our yacht team for Sea Trek. He is currently teaching Learn to Sail in Lixouri.
Friendliest guy around with a wealth of experience saving lives at sea in the UK.
Very lucky to have such a great dude on board!

Matt and Steve are our Flotilla boys! The brothers work as a team to make you have the most the most incredible experience. They sail around the island exploring all the best bits. Matt has years of experience, is very down to earth and super modest with his work! This year he is taking his brother along for the ride. The Hornby brothers are doing SUCH a great job our guests just keep going back for more!



Carrie and Josh

Meet Carrie our Lixouri Bay beach club Senior Instructor!
With an incredible artistic touch, Carrie has bought a personal flare to the new club. She really knows her stuff on the beach.
Very experienced and well travelled she is an amazing asset to our team, we can’t wait for you to meet her!


Josh is our Senior Instructor for Paliki Beach Club. RYA squad coach and super nifty sailor.. also a pretty great windsurfer too!
His energy and buzz keeps the team at its best all summer. He also works really closely with the locals and is pretty good with Greek language. Again incredibly lucky to have such a great dude with us for so long #3yearsdeep


Leo and Alex

Leo is our Beach second at Lixouri Bay Beach Club! This guy will keep you safe on the beach at all times as he is a safety boat guru.
He is always incredibly willing to go the extra mile for anyone.  Lucky to have such a great smile on the team!

Alex is our head dinghy instructor at Paliki! He has a wealth of experience within the watersports industry and has the most beautiful face to go with it! An incredible sense of humour and may just be the most kind guy around. We can count on him for pretty much anything on the beach as he is a super uber capable pair of hands. Lucky to have a great face on the team!


Taddy and Finn

Taddy and Finn are dinghy instructors at Paliki Beach Club. Taddy is our race coordinator who specialises in high performance dinghy instructing and is the most down to earth guy! He is multilingual being originally from Czech Republic and an exceedingly clever dude! He is just a really genuinely great person, a team member to be proud of! Finn is our trapeze and spinnaker specialist. He has been sailing since a very young age and always makes us laugh with his funny ways! Happiest when out in the bay sailing high performance dinghies he is definitely your man if you want sailing wisdom! Lucky to have these dude on our team!

Dan, Max and Tom

Dan is a dinghy instructor at Paliki. He is always a hit with our 1 to 1 tuition and certainly knows his stuff when it comes to sailing. He is a great windsurfer too and will be out on the water whenever he get the chance! Max and Tom are both dinghy instructors at Lixouri Bay Beach Club. Max…. THE most smiley person we have ever met. The happiest person we know he has always got a smile going. He is great to be around and will bring the staff moral up at any time. Tom has taught in many locations abroad and truly knows his stuff on the water! Again a fantastic windsurfer and a really great hand on the beach. Always enthusiastic to do more on the beach and has skills that any beach club needs! Lucky to have these three dudes around!

Fergus and Evie

Fergus is our Windsurf instructor at Lixouri Bay Beach Club.His nimble windsurf ability is always impressive as he makes everything look super easy. Recently he has taken up foiling and we have never seen anyone get so amazing so quickly (if you need a lesson he is your man) He is on his second season with us and we feel very lucky to have such a great guy back on the team at our new beach club!

Evie is our Windsurf instructor at Paliki Beach Club. She has travelled and worked around the world including China, France and through Albania! She is the most outgoing and independent girl we know! Up for anything and rearing to get out on the water at any opportunity she is most definitely enthusiastic about life. Lucky to have such an adventurer on the team!

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