A Week On The Water Learning To Sail

Sailing and yachting are what we’re all about at Trek Adventures! Being out on a yacht is the opportunity to escape normal life for a week or two. Switch the office for a boat, and your desk for the helm and enjoy the tranquil sound of the bow cutting through the waves and the wind billowing through the sails. In this blog, we’re talking about the ins and outs of our Learn To Sail holidays


flotilla sailing holidays in GreeceAt Trek Adventures we offer the International Yacht Training (IYT) International Certificate of Competence (ICC). On a Learn to Sail holiday, our awesome yacht trainers will take you through a variety of training. By the end of the week, you’ll have earned your qualification.

Anyone 16 or over can undertake the training. Children can also join in, with the Introduction To Yachting course open to children 10+ and Competent Crew Courses open to children 14+. The week is in no way intensive, with plenty of time available to relax and enjoy your holiday. Every day you’ll anchor up in a nice bay around lunch time. With a tender included with every yacht, there is an easy way of getting to shore or else you can go off for a little explore.

Who’s it for

Sea Trek Sailing holidays 2016Anyone 16 years old or over can get their qualification. Many of our Learn to Sail and Flotilla guests progressed on to yachting from a love of dinghy sailing (a lot of it is the same, just on a much bigger boat). If you’ve never stepped foot in a dinghy though, don’t worry. There are just a few basic things to get to grips with when you start.

What’s life like on board a yacht

flotilla sailing greece seatingIf you’ve never been on a yacht before then the first thing to know is that it’s pretty snug. It’s akin to being in a nicely furnished floating caravan. Travelling light is best and onboard there are a few things to get used to. The sleeping arrangements are pretty cosy, don’t worry though, there are separate bedrooms or ‘berths’ as they’re called on a boat.

Though our yachts are fully equipped, the onboard facilities might seem a tad basic compared to say, a holiday apartment. But don’t forget you’re onboard a yacht! Unless moored up in a harbour and connected to an electrical supply, the electricity is from a battery, so you can’t leave your phone on charge all day.

Each yacht has an onboard toilet as well as a kitchen with hobs and a small fridge and a saloon seating area below deck. Except during poor weather conditions, most people will seat up on deck to eat. This is probably one of the nicest things to do onboard. You won’t share your yacht with anyone else and your yacht instructor will only be onboard during the day through the first three days. That brings us on to what you do and where you go on a Learn to Sail holiday:

Days 1-3

The week is broken down into 3 days tuition and 3 days free sailing. During the 3 days of tuition, your instructor will be onboard all day. They’ll teach you some theoretical knowledge which is applied practically as you’re sailing, and other bits will be taught on the go.

The day normally starts at 10 am each morning in Lixouri Marina. By lunchtime, we’ll have sailed to a nearby bay, where you can enjoy a swim and a spot of lunch. Depending on where you go, a beach taverna might be an option for lunch, else a picnic on board is also lovely. You’ll be back in the harbour by 5ish. Spend some time catching up with other guests on their yachts, or perhaps go through a bit of theory and then find a local taverna in Lixouri for some dinner.

Days 4-6Learn to sail

By the end of day 3, you should be pretty confident in handling the yacht, so on day 4, it’s time to venture out on your own – Well not quite on your own! The instructors don’t just wave you off and kick their feet up for the day though. They’ll help you plot a route for you to sail and a destination to aim for. You will then set sail with the other yachts on a Learn To Sail course for that week.

The yacht instructors will pop out in the support boat during the day to see how you’re getting on. In the event of something going wrong, again the support boat is on hand. Through day 5 to day 6, you’ll spend the night at anchor. This is one of the best parts of the week. Row the tender to shore and spend some time on the beach whilst the sun goes down. Perhaps enjoy a beach BBQ or find dinner in a taverna, then lie out on the deck for the rest of the evening underneath the stars. With little to no light pollution, they’ll be a fair few up there!

After your Learn to Sail Week

Some of the hearty SeaTrek crews

On day 6 you’ll return to Lixouri Marina and having covered all the course materials, we can award you a certificate. Many of our Learn to Sail guests go straight on to a Flotilla, so spend some of the changeover day travelling to Agia Effirmia up on the northeast coast of the island, which is the location of our flotilla yachts

On flotilla, you will spend the week onboard your own yacht as part of a party of other yachts following a rough daily itinerary. A couple of Trek Adventures crew will be onboard the lead yacht ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Others prefer to switch to a week at either our Paliki or Lixouri Bay Beach Clubs to enjoy a week of dinghy sailing, windsurfing or else more relaxing under the sun… After all, you are on holiday!

Dinghy Sailing in Kefalonia Greece

Prices & Dates

Learn to Sail weeks are available from 7th May onwards with the final week starting on 8th October.

Prices are from £360 in May/June time, £465 in high season and from £295 in late September early October. Prices vary depending on which yacht you book and the number of people onboard.

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