Active Holidays

Health and Fitness Holidays

We’re an active bunch here at Trek-Adventures, always on the lookout for cool new experiences both on and off the water. Sitting around just isn’t an option.

Our team have put together some amazing tailor-made Active weeks and Health and Fitness holidays at our very own beach clubs in Greece, and handpicked some other destinations that we highly recommend.

We avoid large hotel complexes and choose small, locally-owned accommodation (normally our own beach club locations) and respect the local people and amazing environment in each destination.

Have a go at one of our new Health and Fitness holidays with a touch of Yoga and Beach Fitness at one of our comfy beach clubs in Greece. Float away and discover hidden coves with a SUP and Paddle holiday or wander off the beaten track with a Walking Holiday in Kefalonia, Greece.

We’re mad about surfing too, and we’d love you pop down to Trek HQ to say hi and give it a go, with a long weekend of Surfing in sunny Devon.

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