About us


It all started about 15 years ago on a small Greek island in the Ionian sea called Kefalonia. Wandering along the quay one day we met a nice Greek chap called Gerasimos (aren’t they all !) who fancied renting out his yachts for a bit to make a few Drachma for coffee and baklava.  Over the years one thing led to another and next thing we know there’s loads of yachts, lots of skippers and too many emails.

We didn’t stop there.

We love yachts but lurve the beach too. Throw in a small family-run hotel, a wonderful Greek host called Babis (aren’t they all!), some dinghies, windsurfers and a fab team of instructors and our 1st beach club opened it’s shack doors 5 years ago. People loved it !! and came back year after year so we opened another one just up the coast to try and cope…

Add lots of skiing, snowboarding, surfing, stand up paddleboarding, walking and yoga and we’re pretty much up to date ( oh and a big earthquake ).

We hope you love it all as much as we still do…

Meet the Team


Our friendly team of people who organise and run our yacht sailing, beach clubs, skiing and active holidays are fun, friendly and professional.

Whoever picks up the phone or answers your email, right through to the guys you’ll meet on location,  we will all do our very best to make sure you have a brilliant time.